Saturday, June 02, 2007

My Exhaust Pipe fell out

A few days ago, I somehow managed to get a date after being dateless for many many years.

Thanks to the internet, they've really helped out in so many ways. I would have never gotten this date if it wasn't for this tools.

Now..A date for me is a really big thing!!! I have to be at my BEST to impress her with whatever i've got to show.

Planning for that special day has to be the best of the best!! She has to know that i love her, and i'm willing to die for her, and willing to be her slave for the rest of my life. Its a one shot of a life time. I really liked her.

Now, before taking anybody out on a date, u gotta make sure that you've got the right car to take her out.

The hotter and more expensive the car, the better the chances of securing a second date or better still, straight to being in a relationship.

If you don't have an expensive car, at least a modified proton wira that goes really fast with nice white rims will do fine.

I really couldn screw this part up!!

So i decided that this car that i borrowed would do the trick with this girl.

So, after getting the car planned out, the next plan was to have a romantic place to dine. I decided to have our romantic date by the road side eating my favourite Wan Tan Mee. Its going to be romantic!!

I wanted to show that No matter how difficult the going is, we will always stay together as ONE. If we have a money problem, we will not give up. We would start a wan tan mee stall and still live happily ever after.

Everything was going to be perfect!! Transport settled and romantic place was also settled.

Then came the BIG day to make things all work out.....

So...I picked her up with my OLD MERCEDES and headed for the Wan Tan Mee stall. While driving, i knew..SHE WAS IMPRESSED! She told me, what a nice car!! Judging by her facial expression i could tell that She knew i was the guy with future when suddenly....

Krink! Kronk! Krank! Krunk! Kronk!

My exhaust pipe dropped off and the car all of a sudden could not move any further.

Gosh what am i going to do now!! I could clearly see in her face that her mood was changing from happy to angry. PMS was showing up. She was sweating in her tight clothing. It was just about any minute before she was going to blow up.


My Date: GIN!!Get a better car..I'm calling my ex-bf to pick me up.

Gin: wait wait i can fix this..

Before I knew it, the ex-bf came over with this....

She left.

Not knowing what was happening, i quickly called her to see what was happening. She did not pick up. Then i left her with an sms after that which she did not reply till today.

"You did not leave me because of my car did u?I really loved you."

I had wan tan mee by myself.

Take note: i did not face all of this.hehehe, but my bumper really came out..damn..


AhPau said...

so it just fell off?!!! wah...

btw that pic of paris is superb! LOL

GiN said...

hahaha thanx!

yeah it just fell off minus the entire story...hehe

DaphStar* said...

Gin, blame your sis!HHAAhA...its her car. She's been trashing it! OMG this is farnee. If I was in the car wif her I'll die laughing

WillaZz said...

omg omg.. i was just searching for a exhaust shop to change exhaust den i found ur blog.. haha.. really funny wei.. but i was really INTO the story!