Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Ipoh Flag flying high

Ever since i learned the meaning of flags, I always enjoy the sight of a perfect colorful flag flying high.

The higher it is, so much the better.

Now, having a flag is useless if its not properly flown on a mast or pole.

How you fly the flag leaves behind a meaning to whomever who sees it.

Of course, some people have went to certain extend of flying the flag differently. But still..Patriotic in its many ways!

Well, I have came to know of two different ways of flying the flag from its original full mast.

If you fly a flag at half mast, it denotes distress or a show of grief, such as mourning a death

Secondly, if you fly the flag upside-down, it would mean a sign of distress.

All this while, i have only known of these ways until i came down to Ipoh to only see this...

Not clear enough? Here's a closer look.



Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My New Toy

As a young bachelor man, there are just about so many things you can do with money besides buying your girlfriend anniversary gifts every year to treasure the love we "had" together and of course the benefits that comes together with it.

Not being able to afford a nice expensive sports car right now

I bought this.....A ZIPPO, lighter
Take note: I know its a dumb bargain for a girl...

a higher end as compared to these lighters

I even bought a lighter fluid for long extended use.

I just love to keep opening and closing the cap...Its always been my IN thing since small. What a childhood i know!

Now...some of you might begin to ask..

"Gin!!!Do you even smoke???"

Let me ask you:
What do you think a single man need this for besides smoking which he doesnt??

Monday, June 25, 2007

A Penang girl that was talked about last Saturday

Last Saturday, I had a small meet-up with some "long-time-no-see" friends.

We met up at Coffee Bean, Gurney Plaza where the atmosphere was just right to chat about...

anything that comes to mind!

It so happens that, in any Meet-Ups with "long-time-no-see" friends, its always about girls that comes to the picture.

And this came from a girl who talked about another girl.

It wasn't backstabbing. Don't worry Girls!! My friend not like that one..

She was over admiring her. She was letting us know that in life, there are just girls that you have to be...careful....that's all...

These are just the few things she was telling us that i can remember.

She is pretty. Prettier than some chinese models that i know.

She earns RM1900 but she spends RM7000 and more a month. Yes, she works...

She buys Luis Vuitton Shoes every now and then, and some other expensive brands for the feet.

Her father buys her a new honda civic

to replace a Beetle

She buys designer clothes in shopping malls without reading price tags leaving "girl friends" that went along with her feel really really poor

She has a degree in PR. That means she has brains and of course, should be pretty friendly.

She loves pink, and guess what, her room is totally pink

She has a huge closet to store her expensive designer shoes.

She has a dog that was flown over from Australia to Malaysia. Just like the one Paris Hilton carries around like an extra accessory to her hand-bag.

Take note: The dog was given some first class seat back to Malaysia. Changed citizenship as well.

She has so much jewellery. Tiffany and Co., that one cheap cheap only. At one time, she went over to see her friend in another country. She just spreaded out her jewellery all over the dressing table and still had not enough space leaving her friends to leave their jewellery in their small bag or something.

Its like she's the Paris Hilton of PENANG!!!

Narr...Penang people are supposed to be more down to earth. Not make their friends feel more hurted for being poor. I told myself she couldn be all this...What more..She is not the type to end up in prison or something.

She doesn't even spend her boyfriends money..U read that right!

She does not spend her boyfriends money!!

She does not spend her boyfriends money!!

What a lucky boyfriend she has...and i actually know this girl for quite awhile and i did not know she was all this!!

Its good to catch up with "long-time-no-see" friends...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

First time at Suria KLCC in my life

Believe it or not,

Last weekend, I visited Suria KLCC (a shopping mall) for the first time in my life. I can now tell everyone that i've been to KLCC.

I shall say no more.....

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Why is Men paid less??

For years, women has been fighting for civil rights on why they are paid less as compared to their male counterparts.

The wage gap is like if a man is earning a Ringgit, a woman will be earning RM0.77.

Now, I always believe that everyone should be paid the same. Whether you're man or woman as long as you can perform well in the job you do.

Keeping that in mind, two days ago, i came across a section in the Star (local newspaper)

Its one of the yearly Auto-City Carnival in Juru where they choose Miss Auto-City, and Mr Auto-City.

Now, the first thing that comes to mind in order to be Miss Auto-City would be,

The girl should know what is the car she is posing next with.

Know how to wash a car in the best "male fantasy" way.

Know how to act cute!

And of course, dress appropriate for the occasion.

At the end of the Auto-City show, finalists has to be chosen based on the above.

Miss Auto-City 2007 goes to a 19 year old student Lim Yen Nee this year. She won Rm2,000, skin care products worth RM 1,200 and vouchers worth RM3,100.

First Runner-up goes to Stefanie Chua, 19year old student. She won RM1,200 and vouchers worth RM2,300.

Third place goes to Penny Goh, 19year old student. She won RM500 and vouchers worth RM1,300.

Now, lets look at the how much the winners of Mr.Auto City 2007 get.

First place goes to an 18year old student Liew Kah Heng which charmed the judged. He takes home RM1,000 and vouchers worth RM1,000.

SEcond place takes home RM 800 and vouchers worth RM800.

Third place takes home RM500 and vouchers worth RM600





Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Free movie ticket that was destined not to be used

Today, I went early to gurney plaza to buy tickets for all my friends to watch Fantastic Four (Rise of the Silver Surfer).

We went there because of this new super-powered thing that got us really attracted to the movie.

And not Jessica Alba if that's what you have been thinking.




Clear enough on how much this new thing got us watching this movie!!

Now besides watching the super-powered thing that makes guys like us feel satisfied for the day and that the movie was well worth our RM10, I had to make sure that at least one or two girls was part of our group to watch the movie together.

I managed to get a girl-friend to join. and went ahead to buy a ticket for her. It all seemed balanced, 4 guys and 1 girl watching the movie together when all of a sudden, at the VERY last minute................................................... she DECIDED that sleeping was more essential than watching a movie with me.

Now, I always go through alot of rejection in life from girls and this is one of it.

All of a sudden, this ticket that i bought for her, becomes a free ticket.

We tried tirelessly, calling humans from all walks of life with our mobile phones to come and enjoy the movie with us.

We even stressed on FREE MOVIE TICKET!!!

It even came to the point that we would pick u up from your house to watch this movie with us, what more you are entitled to free pop-corns and drinks.

Nobody was interested.

Not knowing what to do with this free ticket, I threw the ticket onto the floor and hopefully


A nice pretty unknown girl would happen to see this ticket, pick it up, and go into the cinema and watch the movie and seat next to one of the lucky guy in my group.

After the show was over, walking out of the cinema, i came to understand that we were not rejected by girls,



Wednesday, June 13, 2007

How much i get paid?

Ever since i started work, people has been curious on how much i get paid.

Now, I've never been able to share on how much i get paid because it has always been a very personal thing.

Yes, i don't share personal things. Selfish ain't it??

I know how much You GOOD friends out there wanting to make sure that I am paid well for my professional skills (like my friendster surfing "Hacking" skill in my last post).

GOOD friends who Also wants to make sure I can afford to have many kids in the future.

Also to make sure I will go ronda together in cars like this

Or sometimes, if we're sick with four wheeled luxury cars, we would go ronda in tanks like this

Also to make sure that I will be able to attend lingerie fashion shows from Victoria Secret.

Also to make sure that I will be able to live a good life in a nice and comfortable house.

What GOOD FRIENDS I HAVE!!!So no harm in telling how much i earn right.

Today, i opened up my fridge (to find food) to only find that....


I got to survive with Orange Juice, and Bread, and left-over sympathy cake from Abelyn. I think some Kaya on Bread shouldn be a problem.

Got a picture of how much i get paid?

Don't even ask me when i'm getting a girlfriend!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Saw a flaw in friendsters, view her pictures now!!

Always wanted to see your favourite girls picture in friendsters and can never do it because she has not added you into their profile what more limited to the friends she adds?

Or are you one of those nerdy silent stalker who just want to view pictures without being seen by that someone?

OR Have u always wanted to see those sexy clubbing pictures that she has posted up but you will never be able to see it because you just cant. But still you want to view them??

IF you are pretty much one of those, do carry on.

Ok, this is how it goes. I'm going to write them in steps so that you guys can get it right.

1. The girls profile has to be private. When you click it. You get something like this. Which means you can't view her. *DON'T LET THAT SPOIL YOUR DREAMS* You still can view her.

Notice how i'm not logged in....

Continue to the next step.

2. Click on her picture.

Oh gosh, i hope you don't mind me using your picture, i really can view your pictures even without doing hope u do understand..

3. That girl has to have friends uploaded picture. That means her friends uploaded picture/s into her profile.

4. Click on friends uploaded picture.

5. As soon as you click on friends uploaded pictures,

6. Click on public photos.

7. And then guess what happens....(ALL HER PICTURE COMES OUT!!)

Take note: You may not be able to view her profile still, but ummm..i believe pictures are enough? Lets not get too greedy?


Start viewing them straight away!

*Khing if you are reading this, quickly make some changes*

Try it for the rest of profiles of the girls that you've always wanted to see. Remember, they must have pictures that friends has uploaded for them..

Don't worry, the girls without friends uploaded pictures are safe. At least for now.

Sigh...I'm sorry for those insecure and conservative girls..
No...I don't really think i'm smart for doing this. I feel very very ashamed.
I'm just going to die and live out my name as a legendary friendster stalker.