Thursday, May 31, 2007

Gin's Target?

If there was any one time u wondered what my kind of girl would look like, here it is.

A few days ago, a friend of mine decided to send to me a file that had pictures of a girl who happens to be very close to my kind of target.

When i say target, i meant the kind of girl i'd like to have close to me all the time.


(Clearly this is ridiculous! There will be a time when u'd prefer her to be far away more than ever, but until then, just like any single man, SHE'S MINE!!ONLY MINE!!)

*selfish ain't it*

In short, a girlfriend.

Eagerly, i opened and looked into the pdf file. This is what he sent to me.

Isn't that beautiful!! Its girls like this that gives me a sense of enjoying my stay on Earth.

Looking at the picture, i quietly kept to myself.

"How did he know i like this kind of girl??"

It Can't BE!!!!

Maybe its just too good to be true that we share the same common taste in women. She's decent. Prefect Smile. Nice long hair. Slim enough for me.

She just seems perfect!!

OK, so maybe its just a coincidence that just me and him share the same kind of taste.

NOTTTT until i saw this.....

Sigghh...I guess its of no coincidence that just me and him have the same taste. DAMN!!! No wonder we're still single.

We'll keep dreaming...

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