Thursday, May 24, 2007

Booking Movie Tickets My Way

There are times when girls just love what i do because i always plan way ahead of time and make sure everything goes smoothly when the day comes.

It just seems that only a PERFECT girl is suitable for me and PERFECT girls are difficult to find. That's why i'm single.


I'm going to be sooo single after this....umm wait a minute...I am single..DAMN!!

Anyway, this post is about booking movie tickets my way

which after reading, u'd better stay far away from me.


Now... this is how i'd do it to make sure i always have good seats on a Saturday (the only day when i'm free enough to enjoy)

Whenever there is a "Presumed to be good movie" out in the cinemas, i'll make sure that i do not quarrel with the rest of movie-goers to get seats.

I BOOK AHEAD through a website.

At the strike of midnight on Wednesday (A day i don't go clubbing because its a night for ladies), i'll make sure that i'll be one of the first to visit the Cinema website and book my tickets. You'd be surprised how many people book tickets online or through phone. So to assure myself of reservation, booking at the strike of midnight is the way. Only am i able to sleep in peace that i've got movie tickets Ready for Saturday.

Yes..I so happen to have an account in the website which i should be dumped a long time back.

You see at the strike of midnight on Wednesday, the system in the website automatically lets you book tickets for Saturday. The system only allows you to book 2 days ahead.

Book for 6 ppl
READY. U'd never know that a friend might find you useful when the day comes.

Take note: Only people who'd like to think that alot of friends would watch the movie together with him will do a thing like that.

Soo..When Saturday comes, watching a movie that popular is never a problem. Even if i'd have to watch it myself. Getting a ticket is no problem.

No need to queue up with other people, No need to go early in the morning to buy tickets in advance thinking there will not be any tickets left for the time that we want later the day. No worries of having a bad seat. No need to rush to get tickets. No dissapointments in watching the movie whatsoever.

but............................................................... what have i become,



AhPau said...

AHAH!! so it's people like u all along!! ppl like you who overbook seats that causes people like me to not be able to get any booking!

next time anyone wants tickets to a good movie on a saturday night, they'll know who to find now =D hahaha...

Arsky said...

there's nothing wrong being a kiasu ... dun feel bad gin its a umm profitable trait lol and on top of that by being kiasu like what u did u pull the odds over to ur side ...

GiN said...

ahpau: I'm such a kia-su fellar isn't it!!hahaha..ah pau i think the cinemas are looking for me d..

arsky: u really got some kind of kiasu theory going on over there.WOW!!

Anonymous said...

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